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Current projects in Atomic quantum physics

Laboratory Astrophysics: Photophysics of carbon-based radicals
Photodissociation and photoabsorption of astrophysically relevant carbon-based molecules probed by cavity ring-down laser spectroscopy
Supervisor: Wim Ubachs
Physics beyond the Standard Model from hydrogen molecules
Performing a precision measurement of the dissociation energy of the H2 molecule to test the Standard Model description of its quantum structure
Supervisor: Wim Ubachs
Qubits in a quantum gas
Measuring the coherence of trapped ion qubits inside a quantum gas of fermionic Li atoms
Supervisor: Rene Gerritsma
Extreme ultraviolet light from laser-produced plasma for nanolithography
Fundamental studies of the generation of light by highly charged ions from laser-produced plasma, and its expansion, at the experimental facilities of ARCNL
Supervisors: Wim Ubachs, Ronnie Hoekstra, Oscar Versolato
Real-time non-destructive imaging of an everlasting Bose-Einstein condensate
Choosing, setting up and characterizing a non-destructive imaging system. Monitoring a continuous-wave Bose-Einstein condensate and determining its power spectral density.
Supervisors: Benjamin Pasquiou (E:, T: 020 525 7703) / Florian Schreck (E:, T: 020 525 5163, youtube, twitter)
Magic wavelength laser for active superradiant clock and continuous-wave atom laser
Building an external-cavity diode laser followed by a tapered amplifier at 813nm, the 'magic' wavelength for Sr atomic clock transition. Using this laser to trap single strontium atom in optical tweezers and to cool atoms surrounding an everlasting Bose-Einstein condensate.
Supervisors: Benjamin Pasquiou (E:, T: 020 525 7703) / Shayne Bennetts (E:, T: 020 525 5007) / Florian Schreck (E:, T: 020 525 5163, youtube, twitter)

More MSc projects will be added soon.

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