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  • Supervisor: Prof. Peter Schall
  • Project Type: Master
  • Goal: Using nanocrystal spectral shapers to enhance photosynthesis and yield of algae and plants.


Many plants have their own specific spectral requirements for photosynthesis. We use nanocrystals as spectral converters, to convert light which is not used efficiently into parts of the spectrum that are more useful for photosynthesis. Inorganic perovskite and semiconductor (CdSe/CdS, etc.) nanocrystals offer tremendous opportunities for spectral conversion due to their tunable bandgap and high quantum yield. You will investigate the most suitable candidate NC materials, make stable and concentrated NC films, optimize losses associated with the embedding medium and stability in a warm and humid environment. Then, you’ll test the film effectiveness directly in the growth of algae (see Fig. 1), in collaboration with IBED.


Fig. 1: Algae growth setups at IBED. The cultivation systems are used to test the growth of algae under well-defined environmental (humidity, temperature) conditions, with different light.