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Supervisor: Rudolf Sprik, Email: , Room: SP C4.229 , Tel: 020 - 5255645
Project Type: MSc (experimental)
Goal: making textile metamaterial by embroidering stretchable fabrics

Metamaterials are fabricated structures designed to create materials with new properties. Many of the concepts to design these novel structures are inspired by the condensed matter physics of molecules and atoms. For example lattice like structures with band structures reminiscent of bands in (semi)conducting crystals or the physics of the stretching of coiled polymers. Rather than using 3D printing techniques to create the metamaterials, we will use a novel approach based on fabrics. The technology of making and sewing (un)stretchable fabrics for cloths, furniture etc. is well developed. For example embroidery of fabrics with a computer controlled sewing machine enables various ways to control the fabric, add strength and shape etc.

A simple concrete example is two ribbons stitched together at random positions. Pulling on this pseudo 1D structure straightens the ribbons up to the point where the shortest section restricts further stretching. Beyond that point the stress in the material is determined by the mechanical strength of the taught sections. If the ribbon in a section breaks the longer section takes over until also that section fails. This scenario is analogous to what happens if a coiled polymer such as DNA is stretched and eventually broken.

In this project we will use various real fabrics (Lycra, Jersey, Terlenka etc.), yarns and an embroidery machine to create and test novel textile metamaterials with 1D and 2D dynamic and static mechanical characteristics. It is up to your own imagination what meta textiles can actually be made …

Sprik Metatextile.png